Inform & Educate

Whether they are for education, demand generation, training, or large get-togethers, webinars are about attracting and engaging an audience who will find value in your educational message, and through your clear call to action, will take the next step in the sales cycle or education process.

Video Webinars

We’ll make this an easy process for you by handling all the pre-and post-production responsibilities. Plus we’ll take care of all the marketing efforts and materials for you. We have many years of conducting informative interviews and producing high-quality video.

Audio Webinar

Audio presentations are paired with slides, either provided by you or we can create them. We’ll conduct the interviews and take care of the editing. You choose whether you want a on-demand event or capture lead-generation and for live event and we’ll host a 15-minute live Question & Answer session with featured presenters.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions and debates are an effective tool to provide insight into a “hot topic” and provide your customers and prospects with qualified knowledge from trusted experts and thought-leaders. Highlight recent developments in your field through a debate amongst a panel of experts.